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Guest_6428: Hey, Kelly,
A bit of somber news. The Starion (that was formally) your son's, caught fire.
Guest_6428: It appears to have been an injector fire
Guest_6428: localized to that side of the engine bay
Guest_6428: I'm working on rebuilding the car, but I wanted you to know.
Guest_6227: Kelly, you sucks bro, why are the quest site gone... Bad move bro, good luck with your Korean pos
fb_653925060: Hi
fb_653925060: :)
fb_653925060: Hi
fb_653925060: Ideas for me kia rio 2012
jacky k2: ?
Guest_8919: So I see KDM went Hundai
Guest_6665: Starions suck
Guest_6665: Save ur money buy a corvette.
Guest_6665: Save ur money buy a corvette
fb_100003619060300: Yo what's up people any elantra coupes out there?
fb_100003619060300: Any close to Gloucester ma?
Guest_4219: team chevy
dick: i also like chevys
YOur mom: ive seen your chevy it can smoke all the cars on this page
Guest_5516: ada yang jual baju batik lho «link»
Guest_2905: Jaket Anime yuk «link»
Guest_2905: Pusat Baju Batik Yuk «link» «link» «link»
Guest_2907: Jual Batik Yuk «link» «link» «link»
Guest_2907: Jaket Distro «link» «link» «link»
Guest_2438: busana muslim «link»
Guest_2439: tas batik «link»
Guest_8474: whats the average price for a new genesis.
Guest_1620: I just got my '10 accent hatchback (dark blue) Any ideas. (I'm more go than show) :)
Kelly aka KDM: Were back up and running. Things have a funny way of directing your life sometimes. We are here to stay.
Guest_5440: hello
Guest_5440: its fonso call me
Guest_2695: Watch Streaming Movies

Streaming Movies Full

Resep Sehat Alami
Guest_4967: Fastest pass by KDM Conquest/Starion?
Guest_8715: :)
Guest_3615: G friend has bad motor in 89 starion...what can she replace this with?
Guest_3615: Actually it's a conquest with turbo rwd


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